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Lawn Care


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Tree Trimming

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Tree Trimming

Bizzy Bee Lawncare Is Always a Hive of Activity

We’re committed to creating exceptional gardens

Although Bizzy Bee Lawncare, LLC is the new landscaping company on the block, we come prepared. If you’re looking for quality customer service and skilled lawn care professionals, your search ends with Bizzy Bee. Stop coveting your neighbor’s grass – you, too, can have a lush green lawn complete with bursts of color. Call us at 337-251-3314 to schedule your flower bed design and yard maintenance.
Serving New Iberia LA, and Youngville LA.

Inquire about our referral discounts today!

Pave the way for greater curb appeal on your street. When friends start asking about your landscaping provider, send them to Bizzy Bee Lawncare! We’ll gift you with a referral discount on your next service. Additionally, we run holiday specials and offer free estimates. Share the following with the whole neighborhood:

  • Tree trimming – nurture the growth of ancient oaks and small saplings
  • Flower bed maintenance – we can mulch, weed and design
  • Edging and mowing – healthy green grass is in your future

Contact us to learn more about the extra services we have coming soon. These will include: aeration, seeding and flower planting. There’s hope for your yard yet. We serve the New iberia and Youngville areas!

4 tips for maintaining a greener thumb

Have you always wanted a green thumb? Gardening is complicated – if you struggle to keep plants alive, you’re not alone. Here are a few tips for beginners:

  1. Wrap tape around your hands – adhesive side facing out – and pat down your plants. You’ll collect plenty of leaf-eating aphids.
  2. After boiling veggies for dinner, pour the leftover water on your garden – the natural nutrients are good for plant growth.
  3. Grind your eggshells and sprinkle the resulting powder over your flowerbeds – this will give your garden a healthy dose of calcium.
  4. Line your flowerpots with coffee filters, and you’ll find the soil doesn’t escape.

When in doubt, you can always arrange a visit from our lawn care pros – we can’t wait to spruce up your space!

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